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"STAR - LIB"  open source library for Step7 projects:

This project is started & maintained by Mayasin, an experienced and creative S7 programmer.

Check out this smart replacement for the standard timer functions
It contains replacements for all standard timer functions T_ODT, T_OFFDT etc.

Using this library brings important advances:

  • no more restrictions with Timer-numbers (S5 Timers)
  • no longer consume large data areas with S7-timers like FB4 (only 1 DINT is required for internal use)
  • SCL-source is included

Click here to visit the "STAR - LIB" Timers-library page.

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S7 Know how manager

Stop hassling with the Know how protection on your library . . .
Manage your KNOW_HOW_PROTECT blocks with the ease of a click . . . .

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