S7 Know how manager

Within Step7 you can protect your special function blocks with the "KNOW_HOW_PROTECT" feature. This is done by converting your block to a source file, edit the source file and add a line with the keyword "KNOW_HOW_PROTECT". Then compile the changed source file to create a knowhow_protected block. When you want to change / debug the block you need to reverse these actions and so on.....

With the S7 Know How manager you can easily set or remove the KNOW_HOW_PROTECT-flag without the need of source files. Simply select a block and click the Lock or Unlock-button. Don't hassle with source files any longer.

This probably the best program available to manage the KNOW_HOW_PROTECT blocks. It doesn't show the same blocks more then once and can displays the folder names in the same way as the S7 manager does.


S7 Know how manager preview

The green "open locks" indicate which blocks  are unlocked.  This feature enables you to quickly re-protect the unlocked blocks without locking your regular blocks just with the click of one button.

This tool can also be used to open locked blocks in situations where the source file is not available. Examine copyrights to determine if opening of a certain block is legal or not.

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